Peekskill Days Pictures

Brown Bag It - Enjoy meeting your old(er) Peekskill friends!

There may be several “Peekskill Day” gatherings in
various parts of the country
We only know of two, and they are held annually in Florida

The oldest was held in in 1983
at Anderson Park, (Located on Rt. 19) in Tarpon Springs, Fla.
Since then the picnics for former residents of Peekskill,
vacationers and guests have not missed a year.
It is always held on the
Second Monday in March.

for details send to:

Richard (Digger) Vogt
[email protected]



Peekskill Day is also held annually in

Jupiter, Fla. on the

Third Thursday in February at Carlin Park

The first get together was held in 1986

The Day in 2015 will be on February 19th

so mark your calendar

Your hosts are
Richard and Eileen Baisley

contact Rich for any information you may need
[email protected]
Home phone 561-965-8043
Cell 561-301-2423 
Eileen’s cell 561-310-8782







Rich and Eileen are always there about 9 A.M. and begin setting up.
and folks begin to arrive about 10:30. 
Everyone brings their own lunch. 
Coffee and a light dessert will be provided.
Some folks even barbeque in the afternoon as there are good facilities.

The pavillion is covered but check the weather as a few Days have been a bit chilly.

Directions to Carlin Park
Coming from the North on I 95 or Florida Turnpike, get off at Indiantown Road and head directly east as far as you can go. You will then turn right on State Road A1A and follow a couple of miles and you will see signs on the right hand side of the road. If you get up to Ocean Ave. you have gone too far.

Coming from the South on Turnpike get off at PGA and get on I95 to Donald Ross Road and exit 95 and go east all the way to the ocean, 6 to 10 miles. Then turn right, or north, on State Road A1A and follow for about 5 to 7 miles until you will see us on your left and you have arrived for the talkathon

Click below to view the ton of pictures and attendee names,
your bound to find some you know.
In 2013 there were 140 Peekskillites renewing old aquaintences.


Jupiter, Fl., 2000

Jupiter, Fl., 2003

Jupiter, Fl., 2004

Jupiter, Fl., 2005

Jupiter, Fl, 2006

Jupiter, Fl., 2007

Jupiter, Fl., 2008

Jupiter, Fl., 2009

Jupiter, Fl., 2010

Jupiter, Fl., 2011

Jupiter, Fl., 2012

Jupiter, Fl., 2013

Jupiter, Fl., 2014




Tarpon Springs, Fl., 2009

Tarpon Springs, Fl., 2010

Tarpon Springs 2012


We will also assist by publicizing any other Peekskill Days
that are already up and running,
or for any other groups that may want to get
a Peekskill Day underway in your area


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